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Helpful Reviews on Our Food and Service

Read the testimonials below and see what our customers have to say about our food and service. From appetizers to luncheon specials, we serve fresh and delicious food that's sure to leave you drooling.
"I'm speaking entirely of the hot pot, not the other menu items. Good selection, friendly service. Never too busy. "
- Matt V

"Warm experience overall. Hot Pot has good vegetarian options!"
- Ravikumar Vasudevan

"Excellent Chinese food. I have tried a bunch of their dishes - hot pot, chicken, shrimp dishes, they were all so delicious. Great lunch special menu too!!"
- Yoshi Yamada

"Been going here for a while and find it very good. Great food. Very quick service. Hot pot is nice!"
- Colin B.

"Big yes. My family and I enjoyed a traditional Christmas Chinese dinner at this fine restaurant; hot pot with assorted seafood, meat, veggies, noodles. Got us all talking, laughing, swooping down on the goodness simmering in that huge pot of steamy miso broth. Terrific choice of tidbits, all beautifully presented. We enjoyed an enormous variety; scallops, sea bass, clams, shrimp, egg dumplings, bok choy, oyster mushrooms, beef, corn on the cob, and more."

"Service was friendly, fast, the staff eager to answer any questions. Since it`s a small place, the fun at the other tables was shared by us all. Very festive and perfect for Christmas."
- Marilynn L.

"This food warms your body and soul! If you are feeling down come here and you will walk out as a new person. The Mongolian broth with fish is really good."
- Maria Carolina I.

"Get the hot pot! It's a crazy fun experience and so amazingly delicious. Also they serve yummy apps of these peanuts and also a sweet kimchi style thing. One of my favorite meals out hands down."
- Julie F.

"I'm surprised I forgot to write a review of Little Q. We came across this gem a few months back and I had a crave of hotpot last evening (when don't I crave hotpot) and decided to come here. What sold me was its broth. We chose our usual, mala broth along with different and usual combo plates of pork and chicken with complementary vegetables, cellophane and Shandong noodles. Along with some sides of beef tongue, fish dumpling, cuttlefish dumpling, and bean thread. We went for a 
cooked beef tongue as well for appetizer. Everything was great; though, I've had better cuttlefish dumplings. But still 5 stars from me and bravo to you. The thing I like about the broth is that there's not much oil that I have to fight through to get to my food but only is apparent when I've ran out of food and have to turn the heat off as then everything settles. I'll be back, Little Q."
- Rachel L.

"Probably the best Hot-Pot I have had in Boston. The staff lets you take your time eating without hovering over you. The vegetables and meat are fresh. Their non-hot pot offerings are great too. I personally like the crab rangoons!"
- Zori B.

"Great food, service and ambiance, a hidden gem in north Cambridge!"
- XF L.
Stop by our restaurant for authentic Chinese food. Visit us at 196 Mass Ave.

Established in 2010, Little Q Hot Pot is a local, family owned and operated restaurant.

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